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Take Charge of Your Care

DMH believes that convenient access to your medical records is essential to managing personal health. DMH MyChart is an electronic medical record service that securely makes personal healthcare information available – wherever and whenever you need it.

DMH MyChart is available to established DMH Medical Group as well as patients who have received services at Decatur Memorial Hospital. DMH Medical Group is a department of Decatur Memorial Hospital.

Manage Your Healthcare anytime, anywhere

Use DMH MyChart online with your mobile device or computer to access your medical information anytime - because life happens outside of business hours.

Manage Appointments

Schedule your next appointment or view details of upcoming appointments.

Your lab Results, Sooner

Receive notifications in your DMH MyChart inbox the moment your lab results have been added to your medical record.

Renew Your Prescriptions

Send a request for any of your renewable medications.

Communicate With Your Care Provider

Ask questions to your medical provider by sending messages through DMH MyChart.

Pay Bills

Go paperless, and manage your bill online.